What You Want to Do in Port Antonio, Jamaica

This port town is the capital of the Portland parish area which is located in Jamaica, in the northeastern coast. This is the third largest port city of the island and is known for the export of coconuts and bananas that are shipped from here. It is also considered one of the scenic tourist attractions in the area. The images of this port town conjure a romantic getaway and that is what it is, a tropical paradise that draws tourists from all over. This port was initially to be a naval stronghold. The Fort George that can be found here was built by the British in the eighteenth century to aid their naval activities in the region.

When you visit Port Antonio you will find the town to resemble the sleepy, coastal town, it was initially was before the trade activities strengthened and soon became a holiday destination for American travelers. The island is glamorized in many Hollywood movies, and it is seen as a tropical paradise, because of the coastlines and the farmlands that are found by the Portland coast here.

  • Among the different places to visit here, Rio Grande River forms one of the main natural attractions. The river flows through the Portland parish and there are several places to see as well as cruises to take on the river.
  • Winfred beach is a popular spot here, which is a secluded beach with white sands and known for snorkeling activities. The bay area is secluded and the white sands as well as clear water make it a beautiful spot to visit and spend hours at.
  • Boston beach is the next popular spot to hit here; known for surfing activities; it is a coastal community to be found on the northern coast, one of the few beaches that attract surfers in Jamaica.
  • Navy Island in Jamaica is a small island that is located off the Port Antonio coast. This island was privately owned by Errol Flynn, who was known as a movie pirate and actor.
  • Frenchman’s Cove beach is another popular beach to visit here. You will also want to cover San San beach while you are here.

Beaches and tropical destinations characterize this tourist friendly destination in South America.

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