Are you a romantic? Then you MUST check out Italy!

The country boasts of fashion and world famous cuisine that is loved by millions of people around the world. It is a haven for travelers and you can get the best cuisines in this place. Every city has its unique charm and you will fall in love with the major attractions of Italy. The rich culture and art of this nation has always enticed visitors.

Pisa Tower

The amazing tower is renowned as one of the wonders of the world and millions of tourists come to this place to click picture of this tower. Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa was originally intended to be in vertical shape. However, it started to lean towards the southeast direction due to foundation problems. This became the highlight of the region and has attracted visitors since many centuries.

Vatican City

The official residence of the Pope is in this city and the place attracts millions of believers. You will fall in love with the amazing artwork of this place and every monument has a story behind it. The historical significance of these monuments mesmerized the visitors. The city of Rome is also home to other major shopping attractions and tourists enjoy their time in this city.

Venice Grand Canal

Want to enjoy the ride on the beautifully decorated water buses? Never miss this place on your vacation as you get to explore the amazing canal that stretches 3800 m long all the way from Lagoon till Saint Mark Basin. The width of the canal is nearly 90 m and you will be stunned to see the canal being used as a major traffic corridor in the beautiful city. Tourists enjoy the private water taxis in this place and explore the nearby attractions.¬† Sarah, who owns¬† visited with her husband for their honeymoon and has talked up their trip to Venice and the amazingly different culture and experiences they saw up close and personal…

Roman Colisseum

Theatre enthusiasts love this place and noted travel magazines mention this in all their blogs about Italy. It has the best amphitheatre of the country and the place stands as a huge symbol of Roman engineering and architecture that has stood the test of time since many centuries.

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