Choosing The Best Destinations In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a popular city located in the state of Pennsylvania. Besides being the largest city in Pennsylvania it is the 6th most populated cities in the United States. It played a key role in the political development that followed the American Revolution. During the 19th century it was popular for its railroad structures and industrial centers. Even today the city is known for its economic development. Philadelphia is also home to some of the most renowned institutions and universities.

As described above Philadelphia is a city that witnessed many historic events that had a bearing on the independence of the United States. For this reason, the city has many historic sites and monuments. Listed below are some of the best destinations in Philadelphia that shouldn’t be missed if you happen to visit this great city.


  • Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul


Located on the 18th street, the historic church was fully built in the year 1864. It is the largest Catholic Church in the state of Pennsylvania. The interiors are quite beautiful and the entire architecture is a fine example of Renaissance architecture.

Address: 1723 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19103.


  • Independence National Historical Park


The park is popular for its historic landmarks, structures, and buildings. The park expands over an area of 55 acres. The most famous structure is the Independence Hall which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the historic spot where the Declaration of Independence took place. Many tourists visit the spot to view the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell that is located across the street.

Address: 143 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106-2818.


  • Christ Church


The historic church was founded in the year 1695 but several parts were constructed in the 18th century. The historic church is an amazing example of Georgian Architecture.

Address: 20 N, 2nd Street at Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.


  • Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens


The Magic Gardens feature an art center that exhibits the mosaic art structures built by Isaiah Zagar. It has a large garden made of mosaic sculptures and tiled indoors.

Address: 1020 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Timings: Monday – Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM, Tuesday – Closed.

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